April 6th, 2013


AtLA Rewatch: The Boy In The Iceberg & The Avatar Returns

Hi! Welcome to the first part of the Avatar: the Last Airbender watch/rewatch, hosted by sholio and myself. There will be a post each week, and then we watch two episodes (20 minutes each) and discuss/squee in the comments.

Book 1 Episodes 1: The Boy In The Iceberg & 2: The Avatar Returns

In which there are penguin-otters (seriously, they are the cutest, I want one), Katara is a bb waterbender, Sokka is really brave, Zuko is looking for his honour, and there is a boy in an iceberg.

 photo snapshot20130406192715_zps0b30efbb.jpg

1. No character bashing, please.
2. No future episode spoilers in the spoiler-free thread, but expect to find them in others! If you're talking about massive plot twists it's nice to put a spoiler warning in the header, but it's not required.
3. Spoilers for Legend of Korra are also fair game everywhere except the spoiler-free thread; again, labelling them is friendly.
4. Feel free to illustrate your squee with caps. And gifs!

Spoiler-free thread

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