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Book 1 (Water), Episodes 7 & 8: The Winter Solstice (I: The Spirit World & II: Avatar Roku)

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I am never going to stop saying this. This show is beautiful.

The Spirit WorldCollapse )

Avatar RokuCollapse )

1. No character bashing, please.
2. No future episode spoilers in the spoiler-free thread (and comments containing them will be hidden), but expect to find them in others! If you're talking about massive plot twists it's nice to put a spoiler warning in the header, but it's not required.
3. Spoilers for Legend of Korra are also fair game everywhere except the spoiler-free thread; again, labelling them is friendly.
4. Feel free to illustrate your squee with caps. And gifs!

SPOILER-FREE THREAD (Only on LJ; let me know if I need to add one to the DW post too.)

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