May 20th, 2013


of better days and happy fields and other shit we hate

Things that are making me happy on the internet today:

& The Daily Mash's commentary on the Tories fucking around with marriage equality: Gay people to continue having lots of hot sex

BRITAIN’S gay men and women have defied angry Tories by taking their gayness to a new and hotter level. [...]
Tim Loughton, one of the Tory backbenchers who wants to win by cheating, said: “Please stop being like this.”
& I am beginning to get massively excited for NineWorlds convention in August. They've just posted the schedule for their Fanfic track. I'm also waiting for the Queer Fandom one, and the Gaming, and Crafting, and Steampunk, and literally everything else.

(Also I am going to be sharing a hotel room with M and he agrees with me about stealing as much food from the complementary breakfast as we can possibly get away with.)

This gif of a small owl being outraged by a door.

& From the BBC: Dan Brown on 'hurtful' reviews and saving the world. This bears a startling similarity to the Telegraph's mocking piece a week or so ago XD The article summarises his book thusly: In Inferno, Brown reintroduces Harvard symbology professor Robert Langdon, who wakes up with amnesia in Florence, Italy, and has to try to save the world from an evil scientific genius while simultaneously evading a crack squad of assassins.

*chokes with laughter*

My favourite part, on researching in Italy:

"We got a secret tour of the Palazzo Vecchio. I had this great experience where I got to the end of a secret passage and you push on this wall and the wall spins and I stepped out into the map room.

"I had pushed my way through a map of Armenia that a whole lot of people were looking at. These were tourists who thought, 'This is crazy, I'm in the Palazzo Vecchio and Dan Brown just stepped out of a wall'. They felt like they were in the novel."
Yes of course you knew what they thought I don't doubt this at all. Posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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