June 17th, 2013


the northern downpour sends its love

Guys. The next time it takes me such a long time to get around to reading such an utterly fantastic book as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, you have my permission to start hitting me around the head with it. In fact, I will consider it a moral failing if you don't. (I note that this would work especially well with Strange & Norrell, since it's such a large book.)

Historical fiction set in the reign of George III with magic and academic rivalries and academic rivalries about magic and footnotes referencing biographies about the main characters written by other characters, and faerie! And main characters who are less important than they imagine themselves to be, and side characters who are awesome. And wonderfully dry commentary on race and gender and class without at all breaking the historical tone.

Seriously, guys, read this book. (I note that the first 100 pages are my least favourite; do not give up until you have met Strange.)

In not-really-related news, I have over half the required word count for my big bang fic with nearly a month to go, due to having sacrificed a load of internet time in favour of writing obsessively*. I suspect I may have been replaced with a pod person (although clearly a really defective one, because I seem to have picked up a throat infection. Maybe it's a symptom of me being taken over). On the other hand, it seems to be elongating exponentially -- the characters are only now at the point where I thought they'd be less than a thousand words in. Also I am so far being horrendously mean to Diana. I feel slightly guilty, but it's done with love.

Also. Thinking about the logistics involved in epidemic/pandemic response is fascinating. (This is totally one of the reasons for my love for Mira Grant's zombie books -- she clearly finds it really fascinating too. I could just sit and read about adaptations and responses for ever.) (I will also note here that one of my favourite sci-fi books is about an alien race working out Einsteinien+ physics all the way from first mathematical principles. That is the entire plot, and it is awesome.)

And now I'm going to ask stupid questions of my flist: is there any canon for where Elizabeth's parents live? And does she have any siblings? (I suspect the answer is "no" on both counts, but I'm really unsure.)

*When I put it like that I feel I should have more words to show for my time than I actually do. But I'm a really slow writer...

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