November 4th, 2013


Timestamp meme

Like many other equally silly people, I'm doing nano this year -- except I'm ignoring the official targets and going for at least 1000 words per day. It seemed like a good time to actually write the YA SFF story I've had floating in my head for at least three years, with all the characters fully-formed.

However, I'm really bad at focusing on things for more than a few thousand words. So I thought I'd also do the timestamp meme that's been floating around, so that I can dip into other things as a distraction :) Rules copied from sholio:

In a comment, give me the name of one of my fics and let me know what you want ("a missing scene from El's point of view", "what happened right after the explosion", "ten years later in this universe", "AU in which Peter got shot instead of Neal", etc) and I'll try to write a commentfic of at least a hundred words for you!

Or, if there's something specific you want that isn't a timestamp, you can ask for that instead. Most of my White Collar stuff is on AO3 here, and Fallen London stuff is in a sticky post on my journal.

Disclaimer: I will try very hard to fill at least the first few, but as is fairly evident to anyone who's hung around my journal for any length of time, I can be really awful with these things. Also I am still incredibly unlikely to write sex scenes.

That said, please do leave me prompts! I really enjoy writing fics for you guys :)

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