February 23rd, 2014


[fic: white collar] Relentless as the Rain (3/3)

Title: Relentless as the Rain (3/3)
Author: [personal profile] frith_in_thorns
Characters: Neal, Peter/Elizabeth, Rachel, Bruce, Mozzie
Rating: Teen
Word count: 9,300 (/20,900 total)
Content notes: SPOILERS for all of S5. Specific for this chapter: All the fallout from the previous two chapters. So, loads of angst.
Other notes: This was written from an idea of kanarek13's, who also did the AMAZING cover art. Beta read by sholio.

Summary: Diverges from canon during the S5 finale. The standoff on the roof goes in Rachel's favour. In the aftermath, both Neal and Peter try not to fall apart.

Chapter One | Chapter Two
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