March 17th, 2014


Various fics (October Daye, Welcome to Night Vale)

Finally cleaned up and posted the October Daye fics I wrote for [community profile] fandom_stocking! All Christmas-themed, all on AO3.

(Btw, if you are one of the people I haven't yet convinced to read the Toby Daye books, you should be reading them :P)

All is Calm, All is Bright (400 words)
Li Qin/Janaury, with April
Li Qin and January aren't used to celebrating Christmas, but they'll do their best for their daughter. (Set before A Local Habitation.)

Deck the Halls (1500 words)
Toby, May, Quentin, Tybalt, Raj
May's first Christmas. (Set between An Artificial Night and Late Eclipses.)

Love And Joy Unto You (2000 words)
Toby/Tybalt, May/Jasmine, implied Quentin/Raj, the Luidaeg
Toby feels she's beginning to lose control of her own house. At least where May and Christmas parties are concerned. (Set between Ashes of Honor and Chimes at Midnight.)


Also a tiny Welcome to Night Vale ficlet I wrote ages ago and forgot to link anywhere. About the angels, because they fascinate me.

space to star to stone (350 words)
Angels listen to the ticking of the sun, and when they speak they lie.

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