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13 June 2020 @ 12:00 am
Important note before you read the rest of this entry:

I am REALLY BAD at keeping this post updated. And not all my fics have even been posted to my journal lately. So, reliable places to find each fandom I have written in:

October Daye: AO3
White Collar: AO3 or this LJ tag (less complete list than AO3)
Criminal Minds: FFN
Stargate Atlantis: this LJ tag, or the links below may actually be the most reliable source
Sherlock: this LJ tag
CSI: New York: FFN (but a way older account than the CM one!)

I've also written one or two fics in Vorkosigan, MCU, Star Trek: Voyager, Warehouse 13, Welcome to Night Vale and possibly a couple others that I've forgotten. They're somewhere in my general AO3 pile too.

The series landing page for Free of Surface Ties, the Fallen London/White Collar fusion AU which I've been writing with is here on AO3.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White CollarCollapse )

Criminal MindsCollapse )

Sherlock (BBC)Collapse )

Avatar: The Last AirbenderCollapse )

Stargate AtlantisCollapse )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~