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[fic:sgu] time lag

My entry for the Missing Scene ficlet challenge over at stargateland . Enjoy! (But please don't tell me in the comments how you don't watch/like/tolerate the existance of SGU, because I'm a little tired of that tune.)

Title: Time Lag
Characters: Sharon (Camille/Sharon)
Words: 500
Warnings: None
Summary: Missing scene set just before 'Life', in which Sharon receives clearance to know about Destiny.


Sharon opens the door to the Air Force officer with a sick feeling of apprehension. She knows where Camille is.

“Would you like to come in?” she asks, her voice steady. It’s raining.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He takes off his cap as he steps over the threshold and scrapes his boots a few times on the mat. Sharon stands back and hopes she doesn’t look too afraid.

She isn’t supposed to know Camille’s on a top secret military base across the galaxy, or about the existence of the Stargate program, or anything, and sometimes she almost wishes that she didn’t know because then she wouldn’t worry so much when she doesn’t hear from her for weeks. She can’t let the officer know, though.

She misses what his name is. “ – and I understand that Camille Wray... um... lodges with you?”

“Yes,” Sharon says. She notices his eyes flick to a photo of the two of them which stands unashamedly on the dresser (she would have hidden it if she’d known he was coming) and is thankful Camille’s not military or her career might just have been destroyed. And even the IOA have their prejudices.

“Would you like to have a seat?”

She sits down on a straight-backed chair in the front room, letting him sink into the couch. “You have received clearance from the Air Force to hear this information,” he says formally. She nods, and signs the proffered confidentiality forms. Her heart has begun to hammer. They’d refused to give her clearance every time Camille requested it. Something’s changed.

He tells her about Project Icarus and Sharon does her best to look suitably shocked. Tell me Camille’s alright! she shouts inside her head, but can’t bring herself to say.

Then he tells her about Destiny.

He tells her about Communication Stones. And that Camille will be visiting her tomorrow but will look like someone else. Sharon sits and stares and finds it hard to breathe.

When he’s finished speaking he stands up of his own accord. Perhaps he’s used to people not knowing what to say to him.

Sharon catches him up before he can leave. “This – this accident,” she says, still feeling the world whirling around her, “When did it happen? How long have they been on this ship?”

“A month,” he says.

“Why did no one tell me?”

“Only spouses and close family members were given clearance to know. Friends and so on are receiving clearance as it becomes necessary.”

Close. She takes the punch to the gut as she’s taken all the others.

Before the door clicks shut she’s planning what to cook for Camille’s supper home because to think beyond that, to think of her love out in the dark between stars is too much, is too painful. And she has to be strong, for Camille.

But she still can't stop herself from crying.
Tags: femslash, fic: sgu
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