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more sherlock

I actually feel much better about this show since discovering one particular corner of the fandom. Well, not about the fail, but about everything as a whole, if you know what I mean. sherlockbbc_fic  is a kink meme where the actual kink is vastly outweighed by the h/c and the crack, and people are actually writing the female characters, and going 'what if this male character was a female' and random descents into roleplay, and pointing out the fail instead of brushing it under the rug (SGA fandom, I'm looking at you). Really, finding that this bit of the fandom at least does not consist of fail has made me happy. It's also made me write things.

Several things seem to be passing into fanon very quickly. Specifically, many many references to losing the game, and Anderson having a dinosaur fetish. Yeah, I have no idea...

(Also, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on peoples' posts much. Will get round to that at some point. RL stuff on at the moment.)
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