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Sooo.. I had my Sherlock rant a few days ago. And now I've already filled four prompts on the sherlockbbc_fic  kink meme. I'm sure you'll all be shocked to hear that all four of the fills are gen h/c. (At some point I may step way out of my comfort zone and write ship h/c.) Only the five times one has a plot which isn't purely h/c. (And I didn't bother going anon because that confuses me and also then I can't edit for typos).

Actually, I'm not ashamed of this in the least. *gg*

I wrote most of them in notepad, so spelling may be awry. Formatting on the first one certainly is, but someone had replied by the time I realised so I can't edit. Also have no idea exactly how long they are - I think they're all between 1000 and 2000 words. I'm also linking to the actual prompt and paraphrasing below.
From first to last in order of writing:

Logically (Prompt: Sherlock and John in a hostage situation where Sherlock antagonises their captors)

Lapse (Prompt: After a very bad case Sherlock basically collapses into the bath [with all his clothes on, because I'm me]. John goes to find some towels/dry clothes and accidently falls asleep and leaves him in the water)

Five times Sherlock was accused of murder and one time he wasn't (Writing out the prompt feels a bit redundant)

Stay (Prompt: Sherlock is in a bad car accident)
Tags: fic: sherlockbbc, gen, sherlockbbc
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