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I've been reminded that I still have my completely neglected hc_bingo card. Since it was sholio's post which reminded me, I've shamelessly gone ahead and copied her way of marking the squares in order of preference.

So, here are the ones I do and don't want to write, colour-coded from green through yellow and orange to red:


Probably the bottom line is the one to go for, despite the 'forced marriage' one, which is only not red because that looked too defeatest.

Now I just need to think of fandoms which I'm still motivated to write in, and come up with stories, I guess! If anyone has any preferences which they'd like me to write do speak up, I tend to like things which cut down on the amount of thinking I have to do... *gg*
Tags: challenges, fanfic, hc_bingo, i am fail
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