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So, being slightly bored today after my manic updating (chapter 5 of The Long Star Mile and chapter 13 of Missing Moments) I decided to see whether my ability to draw had improved since the last time I tried.

Well, it hasn't really :P

However, my boyfriend thinks they're cute, so that's enough reason for me to upload them here and inflict them upon others.

A little blurry, but our scanner's horrible, so I just used my camera to take photos of them, and have lost some of the shading.

And yeah, it took me a little while to think to switch from lined paper.

And then I remembered where the plain paper was!  Also, my attempts to draw anyone other than little Teylas and Wraith really didn't work.  Rodney looked like an imbecile, and Ronon looked like the Flying Spagetti Monster.


So, should I continue with this madness, and maybe attempt some more characters again?
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