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If you're reading this on LJ, it means that crossposting is working! Which would be a good thing.

Basically, I am pretty annoyed at all the general fuckery happening with LJ at the moment with the site redesign/loss of functionality/complete loss of accessibility for a good portion of site users/the designers happily insulting their userbase/them turning on automatic account payments for a lot of people and refusing to acknowledge this. (Seriously, check your account settings - this has been happening to a non-trivial number of people.) So after a few days for consideration and waiting to see if LJ would sort their mess out I've decided to move to my rather inactive dreamwidth account and imported my LJ journal across. And I used some of my Christmas money to make sure that I could take all of my icons with me. :D

So, I'm goimg to be posting from here from now on. (Obs still checking my flist on LJ though! But I certainly won't be renewing my subscription when it expires.) If you're on DW please do add me as a friend - I'm not sure who has DW accounts and who doesn't. Also bear in mind that until the end of the year you don't need an invite code to create an account and you can import all of your old entries and comments. I'm looking forward to next week when community importing to DW goes live!


Completely related to the above, I want to share this piece by a coder at Google. Mostly it's about comparing Google to Amazon and the importance of platforms, but this section is incredibly relevant to my anger at LJ:

I'm not really sure how [the Amazon CEO] came to this realization -- the insight that he can't build one product and have it be right for everyone. But it doesn't matter, because he gets it. There's actually a formal name for this phenomenon. It's called Accessibility, and it's the most important thing in the computing world.

The. Most. Important. Thing.

If you're sorta thinking, "huh? You mean like, blind and deaf people Accessibility?" then you're not alone, because I've come to understand that there are lots and LOTS of people just like you: people for whom this idea does not have the right Accessibility, so it hasn't been able to get through to you yet. It's not your fault for not understanding, any more than it would be your fault for being blind or deaf or motion-restricted or living with any other disability. When software -- or idea-ware for that matter -- fails to be accessible to anyone for any reason, it is the fault of the software or of the messaging of the idea. It is an Accessibility failure.

Like anything else big and important in life, Accessibility has an evil twin who, jilted by the unbalanced affection displayed by their parents in their youth, has grown into an equally powerful Arch-Nemesis (yes, there's more than one nemesis to accessibility) named Security. And boy howdy are the two ever at odds.

But I'll argue that Accessibility is actually more important than Security because dialing Accessibility to zero means you have no product at all, whereas dialing Security to zero can still get you a reasonably successful product such as the Playstation Network.

Adios, LJ. It's been real.

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