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the sun on the roof in winter will draw you out like a flower

Judging by my facebook and flist, today seems to be the day for moving back from wherever people were over Christmas! I am back in Oxford and it is LOVELY. Unfortunately I still need to unpack, and I've also remembered how when I was tidying up for Helen to stay I shoved all the clothes that were on the floor into the bottom of my warderobe. So I need to sort them out too if I ever want to find anything again.

Although I would have to get off my computer first. I MISSED IT SO MUCH. All the keys work! And the internet is reliable! And it can load more than five firefox tabs at once without freezing up! And the speakers play music which doesn't sound like tin cans in a washing machine! Although LJ did something strange when I tried to load the internet and I lost all of the open LJ tabs, ie about 20 fics I had lined up to read. MY LIFE IS HARD YOU GUYS.

Now I'm debating what to do. Unpack vs writing fic vs Skyrim vs doing something sensible like reading "The Anaylsis of Biological Data"...

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