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so, sherlock aired

I... sort of feel that it would have been much better if it hadn't been so long. From about 2/3 of the way through it seemed to flounder about rather a lot. Then it was like a massive domino of plot twists which made no sense and just came out of nowhere.

Things I really liked, though!
- Mycroft being canonically gay.
- Irene being canonically gay. (Yes, I'm sorry, I'm just an angry queer.)
- The entire thing with the blogs and Sherlock being so confused and John and this was adorable.
- Drugged Sherlock. (No one is going to be surprised at this, either.)
- Sherlock just being so... not really grasping normality.
- MRS HUDSON. She was made of awesome.
- The Holmes brothers bickering in Buckingham Palace.

Things I really didn't like
- The continuing effort to paint Molly as pathetically as possible.
- A plane full of dead people? Really?
- The fact that, instead of winning, Irene got completely destroyed and then had to have her life saved by Sherlock.
- Complete lack of Sally. I was really looking forward to seeing her again.
- The complete pointlessness of John's girlfriend. Just... so unoriginal.

I was going to be annoyed here about how they had Irene identify as a lesbian but then be all sexually attracted to ~Sherlock the special snowflake, but I've come to the conclusion that she was just playing him. Or, if she wasn't, I DON'T CARE OKAY.

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