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there are times that walk from you like some passing afternoon

Oh wow, I have totally been neglecting LJ/DW this week apart from to throw protest photos at you and run away again. I'm really sorry to everyone who's only just getting comment replies -- I love love love comments but I can be really terrible at answering them quickly.

Mostly, there's been this magical thing called sunshine! I have been sitting out in it and writing my epic White Collar post-finale fic of DOOM. Okay, when I say epic I mean just under 11,000 words, which isn't that epic, but it's by far the longest thing I've written in literally years so I feel accomplished. Um, I was going to beg for someone to beta-read it for me, but given I'm going to Cornwall on Saturday morning so want to post it Friday night, (I'll have internet access there, but sporadically) I may have left that a bit late.


In non-fandom stuff, I, as usual, haven't done much :P Started a tabletop Trail Of Cthulhu game tonight with a few friends, GM'd by Fran. We survived a train crash, had a protracted argument about whether the cliffs of Dover have a lighthouse on (Tim triumphantly found via google that they Roman times), and discovered that everyone else in England appears to have been killed by mysterious plants. Also Claire and I not-entirely-seriously pushed to split the party - as a racing pilot and an Oxford don we reckon we have a better chance of survival if we ditch the crazy priest and the incredibly unhinged artist. GM denied this request.


I have also seen films. The Hunger Games, which I really want to devote an entire post to talking about, and The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel. All I can say about that one is go and watch it, it is fantastic. It has the always, always wonderful and adorable Dev Patel, and also Maggie Smith and Judi Dench and Penelope Wilson and Bill Nighy. Go and see it, seriously.


Oh, on the subject of things you should see: Hoarders: Skyrim edition. Dead now.

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