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i ask you leave a penny for the watchman, and one in penance for the hearts you break

I have nothing interesting to tell you today, sorry. I'm just playing with a meme instead, stolen from rabidchild.

Give me a prompt, and I will write a drabble for it. Provide pairing or central character, a scenario or starting line, and I shall give you WORDS! Because this seems totally more productive than poking one of the other things I've started and got stuck on. Or writing depressed!Neal.

So anyway, just prompt me. I'll actually try writing pretty much anything, even if it's something I don't usually write.

Fandoms: White Collar, Eternal Law, SGA, AtLA, Discworld (minus the wizard books), Hunger Games, NY, Criminal Minds, other things you know I like but I've forgotten to list

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Tags: fandom, fanfic, fic: sherlockbbc, fic: white collar, meme, promptfic, white collar
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