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I'm in London right now, because my mother got us tickets for the paralympics tomorrow :D So we came down today because we have to be at the stadium ridiculously early tomorrow morning. Bleh. Anyway, mum wanted us to do family sightseeing stuff today, so we've been doing that, and my sister and I have not yet tried to kill each other or anything, although she probably wouldn't do that in front of her boyfriend (he lives in London so has hung out with us today - it's just the three of us going to the event tomorrow).

Sadly, being here has meant I couldn't go to Brighton Pride with Eleanor. WOE. But, paralympics!

Oh, we climbed the Pudding Lane Monument. And I went down behind a very little boy who was telling his parents a long and earnest story about how Peppa Pig could fly all the way up through the stairwell, but then he would fall right the way down and splat on the ground and DIE (accompanied by much giggling). It was endlessly entertaining :>

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