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you've got style, and you've got grace, and you've got the means to leave this place

I have decided it is close enough to Christmas to make mince pies, so I made quite a lot today. I have bought more pastry cutters since last year, so they have leaves on rather than sharks. (I would really like dinosaur mince pies, but alas have found no dinosaur cutters small enough.)

This hasn't been a productive weekend (unless you count the mince pies), but it's been fun, and has involved a lot of Mass Effect 3. Also I finished reading Paladin of Souls and my love for Ista is huge. She is so awesome. ♥ helle_d and I have been trading off on books to read, so while I've been getting through Chalion she's been reading Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy (which Mark of Mark Reads is also reading right now, I believe), and to my delight she has been enjoying it. More people should read these books!

I've fallen off with my writing the past few days, though. I'm not feeling all that inspired, argh. It's annoying. I want to wriiiiiiite!

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