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In the scheme of things, this is such a minor rant it's hilarious. But meh.

So my extra userpic package on LJ expired, and it turns out that LJ removes icons completely randomly. Seriously, I have been staring at it trying to find a pattern. (Freezing your icon space until you choose the requisite amount to remove, as DW does, would have been nice, but my expectations weren't that high. I was just assuming something like "icons uploaded the longest amount of time ago" or "icons used the least" would be in effect, since I know LJ can sort by both of those.)

Unless the pattern it chose was "icons Frith really wanted to keep". Because my default icon is gone (although still showing up on my journal, wtf), and the SGA icons I use most are gone, and half my Neal and Diana icons are gone, and ALL of my Lin icons are gone. And my snarky feminist/queer icons.

I am very not impressed. On the other hand, this has coincided with the revealed update to the user page which instantly gave me a headache (those shades of pale blue! LJ, you have been told again and again that this is a headache/migraine trigger in a not insubstantial amount of your users!) to remind me why I'm pleased not to be giving money to LJ any more when my paid account fully runs out in a few days...

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