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AtLA Rewatch: The Waterbending Scroll & Jet

Apologies, this is extremely late!

Book 1 (Water), Episode 9: The Waterbending Scroll & 10: Jet

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These are two episodes which both sum up the Moral Lesson Learned at the end. These lessons are "Stealing is wrong...unless it's from pirates!" and "Sometimes my instincts are right. And sometimes they're wrong." Both of which reliably make me laugh out loud because I love that this is the conclusion we get from a kids' show.

These episodes are about Katara being fallible. She's jealous of Aang picking up waterbending faster than she did, and she steals the scroll at least partly motivated by wanting to make herself better for that reason. I like how Aang is quick to notice her disappointment, and tries to reassure her (she never had a teacher!), and she does appreciate it - you can see her trying not to be angry with him. And I love how quickly she and Aang start working together, which instantly becomes this totally natural thing from hereon in every time they need waterbending done.

Jet also goes into the grey areas I really, really love about this show. The freedom fighters aren't automatically right, and even Katara and Sokka, who've lost so much, don't want to hurt Fire Nation civilians. And definitely not Earth Kingdom civilians.

I'm still surprised each time I watch this show how nuanced it is about conflict, and war, and who the "bad guys" and "good guys" are. *hugs show*

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