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Reasons why I am in love with Warehouse 13 (I am up to the beginning of season 4):

  • Loads of female characters, who continue to show up and attach themselves to the cast.

  • All of these women are well-developed and very different, and they all have deep and different friendships with each other. And talk to each other. A lot.

  • Actually, this show is majorly driven by women.

  • This is a world in which queer people exist, and queerness is casually mentioned. There is a main character and a recurring character who are unambiguously queer (gay and bi respectively), and more than that, minor characters and historical characters are queer and this is mentioned in passing but not as a Thing. (Example: the password to an artifact was the name of the male inventor's lover, Thomas.)

  • Dates in the past are referred to with BCE.

  • Mark Sheppard is in it playing a recurring character who is powerful and morally ambiguous.

  • One episode contained a spiel about how awesome Rosalind Franklin was and how Watson and Crick had piggybacked onto her work while she didn't get the Nobel recognition that they did.

  • The setup and the plots are utterly ridiculous. And the show realises that it's utterly ridiculous and just goes along with it having fun.

  • One of the recurring characters is HG Wells. Yes, that HG Wells. Who is a woman, and an inventor, and morally ambiguous, and AWESOME, and also openly bi.

  • And there are flashbacks of HG in waistcoats with pocketwatches. (This is so terribly, terribly shallow. But I regret nothing.)

     photo snapshot20130512214906copy_zps5036b45a.jpg

     photo snapshot20130512211759copy_zps090ded09.jpg

  • This is actually the short version of the list. The longer would would involve listing pretty much everything that Myka and Claudia and HG ever do.


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