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AtLA Rewatch: The Great Divide & The Storm

*hangs head in shame* Yep, I missed a week. Apologies, I got eaten by Warehouse 13 and forgot about my life.

Book 1 (Water), 11: The Great Divide & 12: The Storm

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My thoughts are mostly about The Storm, I have to say.

And about Zuko! *hugs him lots* I think what makes me the saddest about him is that even after the trauma done to him, what he wants the most is to come home and gain the love and acceptance of his father. Which is heartbreaking. And Iroh's protection of Zuko does make a lot more sense in light of this episode -- he almost certainly feels partly responsible.

Something else I like about this episode is the illustration of Iroh's leadership style. He's firm, but he doesn't want to be insulated from what his men are thinking, and he agrees that their feelings are valid. (This ties in with what we've already heard about the siege of Ba Sing Se, too -- his men were tired and had lost hope, and rather than force them to keep fighting a war they couldn't win, he chose to withdraw. Not a popular Fire Nation move, but one which undoubtedly saved the lives of a lot of his men.)

And I feel sorry for Aang, too! I really like the episodes dealing with the conflict between him being at the same time the Avatar, and a little boy.

I will also spare a moment to comment on the interplay between Sokka and the fisherman.
Sokka: I'm too young to die!
Fisherman: I'm not, but I still don't wanna!

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