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15 January 2014 @ 09:59 pm
The "Ask Me About My Writing" meme! As seen just about everywhere on my flist.

Just ask me general questions because I don't know how I would answer the suggested ones :P

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15 January 2014 @ 09:54 pm
Title: Teamwork
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Peter, Diana; Gen
Rating: G
Word count: 1800
Warnings: None
Notes: This is a fic for winterstar95, because she should have all the fic right now. *HUGS* (Also I know this was her prompt, but I can't for the life of me find it!)

Summary: Neal's current situation was one he wouldn't usually class as terrible. He was part-submerged in freezing river water, yes, but there was a ladder. He was on the ladder, even, clinging to it with a hand that was steadily going numb.

TeamworkCollapse )


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14 January 2014 @ 03:30 pm
Fandom stocking post! :D

My stocking is here, and it has fantastic things in, you should check them out. Massive love to everyone! ♥

Detailed listCollapse )

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13 January 2014 @ 12:53 am
I have all the shiny fandom_stocking things to round up, but in the meantime have a quick episode tag.

Title: Disintegration
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Peter; Gen
Word count: 1000
Warnings: SPOILERS for 5x10, "Live Feed". Panic attack.
Notes: This just leapt out at me at the end of the episode.

Summary: Tag to Live Feed. Immediate aftermath.

DisintegrationCollapse )


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12 January 2014 @ 04:49 pm
For cienna, Festivids 2013 Original festivids post

Title: Stars
Fandom: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Music: "Stars" by Heather Dale
Length: 02:59
Warnings: None
Beta: sholio

Description: The ship is their home.

each night on the ocean's a story to tellCollapse )

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08 January 2014 @ 02:23 pm
There is a Diana squeefest being held at sholio's journal - go and play!


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So who else is currently in a "I'm not going to be able to write ALL OF MY FRIENDS fandom_stocking fics!" panic and still typing furiously?

(Please tell me I'm not alone.)

(This post is basically a pre-emptive way to say even if I don't have time to write for the stockings of everyone on my flist I STILL LOVE YOU and I just ran out of time!)

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LJ Masterpost for the Fallen London 'verse (fics by both myself and sholio)
Masterpost on AO3 (Not yet complete)

Title: Masquing
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Peter, El; Gen-ish
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 650
Warnings: None
Notes: While uploading this series to AO3, I realised that I'd never posted a few of these fics to my journal.
The Feast of the Exceptional Rose falls around Valentine's Day, and is a time for celebration in the Neath.

Summary: Masks are not required for the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, but they are expected.

MasquingCollapse )

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01 January 2014 @ 01:17 pm
Happy New Year everyone! (I owe a million replies and comments to things, but am waiting until I get back to my proper computer and keyboard!)

Meme - 2013 in review (life version)Collapse )

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13 December 2013 @ 06:41 pm
Meme brought over from FB:

List 10 books that have stayed with you. Don't take but a few minutes, and don't think too hard - they don't have to be the 'right' or 'great' works, just ones which have touched you.

1. The Little Bookroom, by Eleanor Farjeon
2. The King of the Copper Mountains, by Paul Biegel
3. The Wind on Fire trilogy, by William Nicholson
4. Feet of Clay, by Terry Pratchett
5. The Lion Tamer's Daughter, by Peter Dickinson
6. The Tin Princess, by Philip Pullman
7. Catkin, by Antonia Barber
8. The Wanderings of Odysseus, by Rosemary Sutcliffe
9. The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien
10. Skellig, by David Almond

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naye asked me to talk about the October Daye book series, by Seanan McGuire.

I have LOTS TO SAY about them.

Spoilers - although I'm trying to persuade people to read the books, so I'm keeping them minorCollapse )

In short: Read these books! They're awesome!

The books so far:
Rosemary and Rue
A Local Habitation
An Artificial Night
Late Eclipses
One Salt Sea
Ashes of Honor
Chimes at Midnight

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Bunch of shiny things:

My fandom stocking is up! It is here. If you haven't made one yet, you really should -- this is my favourite holiday thing of all.

I'm actually using my tumblr now, so come friend me. It has... pictures. And stuff. Unoriginally, I'm frith-in-thorns.

Love and Longing by Lysimache. It's f/f and post-book for Jane Austen's Emma and it is beautifully queer you should definitely go read it. (~4k words)

In that vein, here is a very sweet story about human/alien love and also sex toys: Bits by Naomi Kritzer

I have no other things of note at the present time.

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04 December 2013 @ 06:52 pm
Apologies for the horrendously cliche title.

Title: In the Bleak Midwinter
Characters/Pairing: Peter, Diana, Neal; Gen
Word count: 5100
Warnings: None
Notes: My entry for the advent calender at whitecollarhc. This is set somewhere in season 4, or at least it would be if the show's timeline made any sense.
Thank you to sholio for supplementing my very vague understanding of how cars work. This was also originally for her prompt, but wandered away from it somewhat… This fic fills the Loss of Shelter square for my hc_bingo card.

Summary: Driving back to the city right before Christmas, Peter, Diana and Neal get trapped by a blizzard. (Basically just floof and hypothermia.)

In the Bleak MidwinterCollapse )


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December meme. (I haven't started at the top of the list, as some of the topics require me to get my thoughts much more in order than they currently are! But I shall get to them all.)


01: Favourite children's programme - requested by leesa_perrie

More words than I was expectingCollapse )

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02 December 2013 @ 09:02 pm
Title: Sleight Out Of Hand
Author: [personal profile] frith_in_thorns
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Diana, June, Peter; Gen
Rating: T
Word count: 9000
Warnings: None
Notes: This is my SandyAid fic for leonie_alastair, horrendously late! I really apologise, and hope you enjoy it.
I'm using this as my wild card square (smoke inhalation) in hc_bingo. Thank you helle_d and sholio for advance reading!

Summary: An FBI agent, a CI and an ex-con infiltrate a party. Only one comes out.

Neal could practically hear Peter refrain from telling them that this wasn't a game.Collapse )


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Everything long and with plot is currently stuck in Editing Hell, so have some quick Neal h/c in the meantime.

Fallen London 'verse Masterpost (fics by both myself and sholio)

Title: The Itinerant Physician
Characters/Pairing: Neal, Diana/Christie
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 950
Warnings: None.
Notes: For the Accidents square on my hc_bingo card.

Summary: There's not a great demand for doctors when death isn't permanent. So Neal's not going to complain about the one Diana's found to stitch him up. (Much.)

Next time you get me stabbed, maybe I'll ask you to cut my throat and just get it over with.Collapse )

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This looks interesting. (Via embroiderama)

Give me a topic, and at some point in the next few weeks I'll ramble about it. It can be anything from fandom-related (TV shows, books, computer games) to life-related (aspirations, identity, political beliefs) to pizza preferences to whatever you want.

My rambles will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet (although my favourite compliment I have ever received was "The thing I like most about you is that you have a strong opinion on everything, and you can explain it in enormous detail," so I can usually find something to say :D)

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don't. Lurkers, passers-by, etc, all welcome -- don't be shy. :-)

Topic list (mostly for my reference):
The October Daye series
Favourite children's programme
Being poly
Post-anklet headcanons
The Mechanisms in Fallen London
What I like in an original character
What makes me love a book

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25 November 2013 @ 02:14 am
Inspired by an argument seen on tumblr:

When cooking with a pan and boiling water (pasta, rice, potatoes etc), do you

Boil the water in a kettle and pour it into the pan
Boil the water from cold in the pan

Is it acceptable to make tea in a microwave?

Only in extenuating circumstances


I do not respect the proper use of kettles
Why are you asking these questions
Isn't it 2am for you?
I am excited for CATCHING FIRE!

(Just so you know, if you picked any of the second options you're doing it WRONG. I am unbiased.)
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19 November 2013 @ 11:20 pm
Meme from [personal profile] veleda_k.

Give me a character and I'll tell you my


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Fallen London 'verse Masterpost (fics by both myself and sholio)

Title: A Matter of Spiders
Characters/Pairing: Diana, Mozzie
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1800
Warnings: Spiders.
Notes: For the Poisoning square on my hc_bingo card. I haven't written anything in this 'verse for way too long.

Summary: Someone is trying to kill Diana.

Sorrow-spiders can travel between mirrorsCollapse )

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